Winnipeg Eavestrough Contractors

Get a free estimate in Winnipeg from our eavestroughing contractors to repair eavestroughs or replace gutters and gutter guards. Most buildings have a system in place to protect the walls and foundation from roof water. The “eavestrough,” or “rain gutter,” is a narrow channel (or trough) which collects and diverts rain water from the roof into the downspout and away from your foundation.

Drip edge will divert the water away from the fascia and into the rain gutter. This will stop water behind the gutter which could cause the wood to rot and the eavestrough to collapse.

At KLZ Roofing, we supply and install 5″ width high quality aluminum gutter guards, using an On-site Eavestrough system. We recommend only aluminum with baked enamel finish. No plastic.

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Gutter Guards stop potentially expensive rain gutter repairs and ice dams. When you have a tree overhanging the house, leaves can fall into the gutter and create a “dam” where water can collect and buildup can eventually weaken the gutters connection with the fascia. Our perforated gutter guards allow the rain in but keep leaves and debris out!

Given all the different types of Winnipeg eavestrough materials available, please take advantage of your FREE ESTIMATE to ensure that you are making the best decision for you and your home.

Accredited Eavestrough Supplier in Wpg., MB.

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